Yesterday I witnessed my sisters and brothers in Christ:

joyfully welcome newcomers,

pray with compassion for those that are hurting,

labor toward unity in the midst of disagreement,

dream about God’s calling and plans for our church,

be honest about insecurities,

give thanks to God,

show up early and stay late,

pray and praise,

encourage each other,

take members home from the hospital,

give rides to and from church to those that can’t drive,

visit the grieving in the midst of their own grief,

deliver furniture to those in need,

bless children,

–basically, be the hands, feet, presence of Christ. Sundays can be exhausting days for pastors. Yesterday was especially long for me, but looking back on what I witnessed–

I feel so grateful to be able see in so many ways how God is working in and through his people.

Photo by Steward Toliver of one of our parishioners, Jason Hensley, serving as an acolyte as he does most Sundays. Here he is lighting candles, a symbol of the light that Christ shines on us and through us into the world.