AI/spiritual being

Thinking about the ethics of disclosing how I use AI in various capacities, both in design and for the church. AI has become a regular conversation partner for me and a tool I use often to manipulate/format text, come up with ideas, and get feedback on drafts. I also use it to generate summaries of material I create (like sermons) that I edit for YouTube descriptions, etc.

🕊 A blessed Pentecost to all! 🔥

Now using a slightly customized version of the excellent Tiny Theme.

LAUNCHED: Rising Sun Coaching and Consulting

Beth was an amazing client and doing amazing, positive work in the world!

Priest thinking about web design

I feel blessed to be in the place that I’m in: both fulfilling my priestly calling, and working to build a web design business that provides for my family and makes a positive contribution to the world.

Why I started a web design business

St. George is the patron saint of Ethiopia. A fitting drink for tonight’s Ethiopian feast at Abyssinia.

Really enjoy my ESV Reader’s Bible, but can confirm the beautiful cloth over board cover definitely attracts dog hair 🤦‍♂️😂

Don’t have a lot of CDs but here’s a stack of a few I have left I’ll be taking out to the car

So grateful

Photo of a cross with the words 'Holy Week at Desert Mission Anglican Church'

For anyone in the Phoenix area: you are warmly welcomed to join me and the rest of my church for worship this week. 🗺️ Location

⁜ Holy Week 2024 ⁜

🥖 Maundy Thursday

6:30pm – Holy Communion with Tennebrae

Arrive at least 20 minutes before service to make use of space and clean towels ready for footwashing prior to service

Come with a friend or family to wash each other’s feet, or allow member of the clergy to serve you.

“If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” - Jesus (John 13:14, ESV)

✝️ Good Friday

8:30am - 3:30pm – Open Chapel for Silent Prayer

6:00pm – Stations of the Cross

Interactive, devotional service with Communion from the Reserve to meditate on our Lord’s walk to the Cross

🕯️ Easter Vigil

6:00 pm – Service of Light & Lessons

The Easter Celebration begins!! Lighting of the New Fire, Procession with the Paschal Candle, Readings proclaiming the mighty acts of God, & Classic hymns.

☀️ Easter Sunday

9:30am – Holy Eucharist

Join us for a special service of joy as our Easter celebration culminates in Holy Communion.

Business cards!!

Let us bless the Lord. He has done great things.

As we approach Palm Sunday and Holy Week, I am so grateful for the Lord’s kindness in drawing us deeper into the mystery of his redeeming love through the Scriptures, services and observances, the prayers and praise.

In Holy Week, there is no denying sorrow and pain but there is a movement through them together as one people of God in his presence and thus, we proceed in certain hope toward the inevitable joy and revelation of union with him and one another.

Recently gave this podcast interview - Grateful for the opportunity to share about how God is working in the small things to bless Sunnyslope through Desert Mission Anglican Church, and DMAC through Sunnyslope. We love our neighborhood and see so much beauty there!

Currently reading: Loving Disagreement by Matt Mikalatos 📚

2 chapters in, and impressed with the depth candidness, and accessibility of this book!

Finished 2024: Dearly Beloved by Vermon Pierre 📚

Excellent overview and exploration of how the Bible uses the metaphor of marriage to communicate God’s love and the love the church shares with one another.

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On Monday I went to a business networking meetup at our local library here in Phoenix.

All freelancers like me, and mostly brand new, like me.

It was great to meet other people getting started and also great to see mission-driven freelancers and small business owners can be.

Everybody there was genuinely looking to serve other people and make a positive impact in the world!

When I shared about my desire to help churches, non-profits, and small businesses have more impact and less stress with their websites, I got so much affirmation and encouragement!

Left feeling like I’m on the right track.

Yesterday my favorite phone ever– my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE–finally succumbed to a failing battery.

Walked out of the Verizon store about 3 hours later with a Galaxy S24.

I have to say first impressions are good. Form factor feels more like a phone, less like a phablet - so it’s comfortable and pocketable.

Performance is great. AI features are useful. A very refined Galaxy experience.

And I love the case I got for it, too.

I’m usually kind of wary of online courses and memberships. However as I have gotten back into web design I have to say I have gotten a ton of value both in terms of skills and reproducible systems from a couple.

Beginning web design work for TWO really amazing Anglican ministries this week