When I’m making coffee for just myself, the Aeropress is a method I enjoy often.

Here’s my recipe for a largish 12-14 oz mug:

2 Aeropress scoops of espresso-ground coffee in an inverted Aeropress.

Pour water just off-boil half way, saturating grinds and allowing a brief bloom.

Pour in just a bit more water, leaving some room at the top. Stir for about 10 seconds.

Put filter on, wait 2 minutes.

Place Aeropress on mug, and press.

Top off resulting concentrate with hot water as desired.

This will make a very bold cup of coffee! For some people, it’s too strong.

For the same large mug size, you can use one and half or even just one Aeropress scoop of coffee, to taste, for a milder mug.