Over and against rulers with delusions of divine favor and power, Mary proclaims in her Spirit-inspired song that divinity is not found in those that think they already have it in and of themselves.

She preaches with passion: God is born by those that humbly, yet hungrily desire to receive him.

This isn’t heard as good news by the proud, the powerful, and the prosperous.

Yet those that have eyes to look for the Lord of Creation in places of humility, weakness, poverty, and profound humanity will find grace upon grace.

As the lowly are lifted and the high and mighty brought down, we see with clarity that all are in need and that all our needs are met Christ.

When this happens in the church, things begin to be as they should be.

They begin to be just.

God’s justice begins to be made manifest when, in the church, we find ourselves:

confessing one Lord, living one faith, sharing one baptism, all at one-and-the-same Table, all saying together,

“Lord I am not worthy to gather the crumbs from under your table! Say the word and I shall be healed!”

We find God coming again to us, his church, as we bear his Spirit in our bodies and yield to his work: to nourish, to teach, to heal, to renew.