Behold the heart of God in Christ

If Jesus gives us the Spirit of the Law in the Sermon on the Mount, then the Spirit of the Law is revealed as non-violent.

If the Spirit of the Law is non-violent, the heart of God is non-violent.

If the heart of God is non-violent, this changes everything for me:

  • my involvement in national politics,
  • my perspective on church governance,
  • how I join parishioners in praying for our loved ones who are in enlisted,
  • what I think about “last things,”
  • how I share the Gospel in and out of the pulpit

My experience is that once you see the non-violent heart of God in Christ, you can’t unsee it.

Christ alone reveals to us the fullness of the heart of God. The more I look on him–incarnating, teaching, healing, dying, rising, ruling, and loving non-violently in it all–the more compelling the vision becomes.

And the vision just gets more compelling.