2020 brought much about the Church in America into the light.

Turns out, we’re even worse off than we perhaps thought in terms of our continued tolerance and even embrace of various “isms” at odds with Christianity: racism, sexism, classism, nationalism, consumerism, and anti-intellectualism stand out to me.

As I see it, the above mentioned ideologies are far worse and more immediate compromises of the Church’s faithfulness than the mostly vaguely defined “cultural Marxism” and “Critical Race Theory.” (Nevertheless these are certainly not exempt from robust evaluation in light of the Gospel.)

That said, now that these things are out in the open, the discussion has deepened.

This can be the beginning of justice and change and healing.

Yes, it is hard, painful. Discouraging, even humiliating sometimes.

But we can say with confidence that the Spirit of Truth is at work in his people.

As we open ourselves to his leading, we will leave our previously held commitments to self-advancement and self-preservation behind.

As we keep our eyes focused on the Jesus presented to us by the Gospel of witness of the Church throughout the centuries, his image will become more clear in us and through us.

As we persevere through the discomfort of revelation and transformation, we’ll find comfort and strength and satisfaction in the promise of a prize much greater than the power that’s so intoxicatingly difficult to let go of in the present.

As our desire for union with God in Christ is renewed, all things contrary to him will fall away, because the fulfilment of this desire is the promise guaranteed by the Resurrection.

The gates of the “isms” will not prevail against the Church of God.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash