Opinion - How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t - The New York Times

“…while believers can register under a party affiliation and be active in politics, they should not identify the Christian church or faith with a political party as the only Christian one.”

This article has popped up for me a few times now. I think Keller is a wise and thoughtful pastor/theologian whose life exemplifies faithful Christian leadership.

While I would personally (of course) nuance some of Tim Keller’s thoughts on politics (and maybe even the quote above), it seems to me that we can’t be reminded enough as Christians that our ultimate loyalties are to Christ and his church.

From my vantage point, I see things thoroughly anti-Christ in each major party’s culture and platform. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with identifying the positive or prudential in either, or even to carefully consider which is “least-bad” when it comes to how to exercise your civic duties.

Nevertheless to find in those parties any part of my identity at all is, I think, asking for trouble, given the morally corrupt and divisive nature of the two-party system, and the trans-national character of the Church. I can only participate at a distance, commending the good and condemning the evil in each as best I understand them.