I’ve been wanting/needing a solid pew Bible that will include the Deuterocanon, and the English Standard Verson is our current reading and preaching translation for public worship at DMAC, so I’m excited about a recent announcement that an Anglican edition will be published soon with the whole of Scripture as the Anglican Church has received it.

It’s an important step forward for our common life together, and seems to solidify the ESV as truly a standard text for the North American Anglicanism.

While the ESV remains a fantastic translation, it’s not without its issues, from controversial renderings in Genesis to the lack of appropriate gender-inclusive language.* It’s also rendered at a fairly high reading level (about 10th grade). In many missional contexts, the Common English Bible seems to be a viable easier-to-read alternative that includes the Deuterocanon as well.

I currently use both the ESV and the CEB frequently in my ministry, and now the ESV will be even more useful.

  • Please note this article states that the ESV has been closed for further revision; this decision has since been reversed