After a rough couple of days I am home from the hospital and feeling much better; that said it will be a while yet before I’m 100%, and a while yet before we understand all the reasons behind some of my chronic issues and this specific set of symptoms. Current possibilities include everything from ordinary illness coupled with psychosomatic reactions (like a panic attack) to Valley Fever (yay) to mold in my lungs. I’m scheduled to follow-up with a gamut of specialists over the next several weeks along with an array of tests and more follow-up tests.

The good news is antibiotics are dealing with the worst symptoms of this flare up of whatever-it-is (or combination of whatevers) ok, and I’m getting better by the hour. I’m hoping to be more or less back to daily life (with some limitations for recovery of course) in a few days.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from friends and family all over the globe. I know your prayers made a difference and all your help–from visiting me to cooking meals to taking me home from the hospital to watching the kids so Amber could be with me for a few hours–made all the difference in the world.

Speaking of Amber…

Once again I was reminded of what an absolute gift from God she is to me and our family, how selfless, faithful, supportive, and kind she is. When things get tough I know I can always count on her. Best wife ever. Best mom ever. Best friend ever.