When you need really focus in to write that sermon, finish that blog post, complete a project, or get administrative tasks out of the way, do you just turn on Pandora and get to work?

Turns out, popular music in written to connect with you on conscious level (emotions and thoughts) so it can actually be a distraction!

Music service Focus@Will promises to deliver music that helps you get in the zone and get more done, without distractions.

Focus@Will is like a Pandora that only plays scientifically formulated playlists of instrumental music. Their tracks have been remixed and hand-picked to increase focus. According to Focus@Will, your attention span could increase up to 400%!

Focus@Will displays a simple music player with peaceful nature scenes in the background and countdown timer. The idea is that you give yourself a predetermined time-period to work on a project. The sound of a bell alerts you when your time has run out, and the app also has a built-in productivity tracker that helps you see improvements in focus.

The music is great and there are a variety of styles to choose from, from Classical to Up Tempo, to Cinematic & Acoustical.

There are free and paid accounts available at Focus@Will. The free account doesn’t include the productivity tracker and limits the variety music and the countdown timer. You can either go month to month for $3.99 or sign up for the whole year at once for $2.92 per month (25% off).

I used the service for most of my morning and part of my afternoon, and I really enjoyed it. It seems to me to be better for its intended purpose than Pandora, and it’s quite affordable. You really need the paid version to get long-term value out the service; the free offering is more like a demo or trial.

Overall I think Focus@Will is a good value for you what you get, and if you find yourself often using music to help you “get in the zone” for work, you really can’t pass this up.

Check it out: Focus@Will