I have failed at being consistent with daily devotions. I have failed a lot.

I have for the past year been attempting to pray the Daily Office, an Anglican tradition of daily prayer in the morning and evening. Prior to that, I had been reading through The NLT One-Year Chronological Bible, a fifteen-minute per day plan.

Some days and weeks and months are great; others make me feel as if I’ve forgotten the very meaning of the word discipline. Still, I’ve generally been able to pick up where I left off after a day or two and keep going.

An important truth that I’ve begun to see in this process is that something is better than nothing. Just like some exercise is better than no physical activity, even taking the time to just read one chapter or a simple three-minute pause to listen to the Holy Spirit is better than simply doing nothing when you forget your normal quiet time or unexpected events shift your schedule during the day. Consider saying the Lord’s Prayer as you get ready for your day or mediating on a Bible verse you have memorized on your lunch break.

Remember, too, that we do not exist in a legalistic relationship with God. This doesn’t mean we abandon discipline, but it does mean we should approach God as a loving, grace-giving father. We needn’t allow guilt over not meeting our devotional goals on occasion keep us from seeking the Lord at every opportunity.