I’ve had some fantastic discussions lately with friends and acquaintances around theology. Over the past few days I’ve been able to really dig into difficult topics like defining the Gospel, the doctrine of Justification by Faith, and the peace teachings of Jesus.

It’s become readily apparent that these conversations are incredibly important for everyone involved. Not only does speaking about the Bible and God ignite interest and promote learning of new things, it also helps to ensure that we are not reading the Scriptures in a “vacuum.”

Getting input and thoughts from other faithful Christians is part of reading the Scriptures in community (as they are meant to be read) and can be one way to way make sure you’re not heading into error.

These discussions also provide opportunity for you see flaws or weaknesses in your own thought process. If you’re humble, this can help you to come to better conclusions about the passages you read. If your arguments are good then there is further opportunity to gain confidence that you are on the right track.

It’s not that every Christian has to be a theologian, but every Christian should think theologically. That is, they need to take the time to ponder God as he is revealed in the Scriptures, wrestling through their discoveries in the context of the Church, and applying them to all of life.