You have two options today.

Option Number One: act as if you believe what you say you believe. Press into the truth and your values. Commit. It’s difficult, maybe the most difficult thing you ever do. I try and fail, daily…but this is what perseverance is about.

I’m convinced that trying and failing is better than the alternative.

Option Number Two: Keep talking about and dressing up like and reading up on what you believe, but don’t actually do anything. Look, if you live like this, I don’t think you really believe what you think you believe. You certainly don’t value it, and you won’t ever live in light of the truth if you don’t pursue the truth. You’ve given up.

For those of us that claim the name Christ, this means–at the most basic level–really believing that he is the end-all, be-all, ultimate prize of life. It means living like he is God and that God is love. It means returning to and sharing this Love when you’re elated, happy, excited, angry, stretched-thin, left out, exhausted, crushed, or just plain busy. It means saying yes to crazy things, and no to perfectly sensible things. It means Truth over safety.

You have two options today. Press in or give up.