I’m convinced that stress is ultimately nothing less than a form of fear. What if I don’t leave the house on time and we’re late I make a horrible first impression? What if I just can’t do everything I think I need to do? What’s going to happen if I can’t pay that bill?

These are sometimes legitimate concerns when they have to do with something that is within our ability to control. Often, though, the things that cause us fear are simply unable to be affected by us. If this is the case, we have to let them to go. There’s no question that this isn’t easy.

Letting go of the fear is one of the most difficult things I can do, but it’s also a response that is demanded of me as I respond to the message of Jesus. So many times we hear in the Scriptures, “Fear not!” (John 14:27, for example). And we can’t forget Jesus' words, “Today has enough worries of it’s own.” (Matt. 6:34)

If I really believe that God is holding this world together with nothing but his word…then surely the least I can do is let go of the false belief in my heart that something could happen that he can’t handle.