I think the Internet can give us a tremendous advantage when it comes to influencing people. We can reach so many with our ideas, thoughts, and motivations that we would have otherwise had no chance of approaching. And these dreams can spread like a virus, sometimes becoming reality. I don’t want to minimize the reality or importance of this power.

On the other hand…

I wonder if I look my Twitter followers, forum members, and Facebook friends and see more influence than I really have. I wonder if I think too much about expressing my next earth shattering idea, at the expense of sharing with those in my immediate physical vicinity.

Could I be missing out on sharing my best ideas with those that would benefit most? Do I really have more influence among my “tweeps” or with those with whom I come into daily physical contact? My wife, children, friends, coworkers, employers and employees? Am I so focused on the the Twitterverse that I’ve looked past the universe of interconnected relationships that I can reach out and touch?

What if, in addition to posting to my blog, I printed out a few copies of my idea, and handed them to a few close friends? Instead of waiting for the Facebook likes and retweets to roll in, what if I handed them a folded piece of paper, and said, “I’d really love your thoughts on this…want to have lunch tomorrow?”

Why wouldn’t I do that with this post?