Original Music

    Just released: I’m fine.

    Back to my alternative roots.

    Another collection of newly released songs.

    Thematically, this EP is ultimately about discovering rest that is possible in divine love as the absolute bedrock of reality, even as this rest requires the release of power/expectations/intentions/ego.

    New music, a track about the inevitability of Love.

    Freshly released: a contemplative kind of synthy song ➡️ Bandcamp link

    A new retrowave-synth-experimentation: ISIT

    Clip of a song I wrote for my daughter, Selah.

    Finished up the final track and published a little EP today.

    A dear friend, brother in Christ, and parishioner of mine passed away last week. This is how I can express my feelings.

    A Prayer in Memory

    These are changing times, friends. Hard times, but not without some hope.

    A new track.

    First full track made in Abelton with my Launchkey Mini Mk 3

    Sunday afternoon jams with my new little practice amp!

    SKETCH 01

    In the spirit of Micro.blog’s emphasis on short form content, here’s a short musical sketch. Maybe I’ll do more.