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Can you help me replace OneNote?

I think I’m ready to think about replacing OneNote, and I think I need helping finding something.

As great as OneNote is on the desktop, I’m pretty frustrated with how the mobile works, especially when clipping articles from the web.

I’m looking for something that can clip text from the web, provides easy search across notebooks, and works well on the desktop (Windows) and mobile (iOS).

I’m not opposed to paying for something that works well!

John Bacon, writing for Anglican Pastor:

In our current climate, it would be very Anglican to return to the feet of the early, divided Church, and ask how we could more fully participate in the life of the Triune God in Holy Communion and in sanctified community.

It would also do us well to remember that Christendom and the Church are related, but not the same thing. The death of Christendom does not spell the death of the Church. Pentecost took place in a pagan empire, around three hundred years prior to the conversion of Constantine.

I was reading yesterday about Microsoft’s plans to replace OneNote 2016 with OneNote for Windows 10. This means an end to third-party add-ins. This is unfortunate, but not surprising. There are some things to like about OneNote for Windows 10, especially the improved layout.

I learned about the calendar, the Eucharist, the morning and evening office, the saints, the fasts, and the feasts. I was introduced to a Christian life that seemed whole and full.

Esau McCaulley

I’ve had glimpses of this.

The new Book of Common Prayer from the Anglican Church in North America will be here before we know it, and I’m excited. Looks like they were really thoughtful not only with the liturgical/theological content, but the print design as well.

This is not only encouraging, but needed.

Gwynnie (3) upon seeing my beardless face: “I don’t like your style.”

Granny’s Apple Fries is probably one of the best of many great things about LEGOland

This picturesque spot is where my brother-in-law is getting married tomorrow!

Officiating my first wedding on Sunday, for my brother-in-law and his fiancé. I’m stoked.